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Best Construction Companies in the world

Best Construction Companies In The World

This article outlines some of the best construction companies in the world (in no particular order), their home countries, outstanding projects, and facts you probably didn’t know. The construction industry is extremely important in modern society, it can be considered the backbone of modern civilization. They are responsible for our hospitals, roads, bridges, office buildings, airports and so on.

Construction companies affect a country’s economy immensely. In developed countries, construction companies can be responsible for as much as 20% of the GDP. And in Third World countries, construction companies employ up to 12% of the total workforce.


1. Actividades de Construcción y Servicios 

Actividades de Construcción y Servicios or ACS is a Spanish construction company headquartered in Madrid. ACS was formed as a merger between OCP Construcciones, S.A. and Ginés Navarro Construcciones, S.A in 1997.  ACS is considered one of the best construction companies in the world, having constructed projects in countries such as India, Australia, Brazil, and so on. ACS has constructed Dams, Skyscrapers, and the famous opera house in Valencia, Spain. ACS currently has over 200,000 employees and has accrued revenue of almost $40 billion.


2. Power China

Also known as Power Construction Corporation of China, is a state-owned construction company. This company consists of 779 companies, being administered as a single state-owned asset. Power China’s global influence can be seen in countries such as Kenya, Ghana, Vietnam, Pakistan, Israel, Zimbabwe, and much more. Power China currently employs over 135,000 people and has a revenue of over $45 billion.



VINCI is a French-based construction and concessions company headquartered in Nanterre, Paris, France. One of VINCI’s prominent projects is the Stade de France, France national stadium, the 7th largest stadium in the world by capacity. VINCI has a huge influence across the world, spanning 140 countries. VINCI also constructed the Atlantic bridge in Panama, the Rio–Antirrio bridge in Brazil, the Yamoussoukro Basilica in Ivory Coast, and much more. VINCI currently has over 185,000 personnel under its payroll and has accrued over $44 billion in revenue.


4. Skanska 

Skanska is a Swedish-based company with specialties in construction and general building construction that ranges from hospitals, schools, homes, and much more. Established in 1887 as a cement company, Skanska quickly rose to become one of the largest construction companies in the world. Undertaking projects such as the renovation of the United Nations Headquarters, the restoration of the World Trade Center site, the construction of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, London, and lots more. Skanska presently employs over 33,000 people and possesses an annual revenue of $18 billion.


5. Technip FMC

Technip is a construction company focused on the energy sector, headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Technip currently operates out of 48 countries. Technip focuses on the subsea, offshore, and onshore energy business. Technip built the largest hydrogen generation unit in India, giving it more international repute. Technip presently owns 21 vessels with the Apache 11 being the most advanced in the industry. Technip employs roughly 44,000 personnel and has a net revenue of $10 billion.


6. Larsen and Toubro

Larsen and Toubro, predominantly abbreviated to L & T, is the largest construction company in India, with headquarters in Mumbai. L & T was founded by 2 Danish engineers taking refuge in India. L & T works as a contractor but actively engages in heavy civil engineering, mining, manufacturing, and power. Larsen and Toubro are currently working on a bridge over the river Krishna. In March 2019, the construction company had over 44,000 employees and had a revenue of $20 billion by 2020.


7. China Communications Construction Company

China Communications Construction Company abbreviated CCCC, is a  state-owned Infrastructure construction company, The CCCC possesses several subsidiaries the prominent being the John Holland Group, one of the largest engineering groups in Australia. The CCCC was formed by the merger of China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) and China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC). 

In 2009 the world bank debarred the CCCC for eight years due to fraudulent allegations on a highway project in the Philippines. The CCCC is currently constructing the Karnaphuli Tunnel in Bangladesh, spanning 9.39 kilometers. The CCCC currently employs around 100,000 people and possesses a net revenue of $70 billion.



STRABAG is an Austrian construction company based in Spittal an der Drau, Austria. STRABAG is a civil engineering company, arguably the largest construction company in Europe. STRABAG was active in Nazi building projects and has been active in Germany ever since. Strabag was contracted to build concentration camps, as reported by the British. The famous Copenhagen metro in Denmark was awarded as a contract to STRABAG. STRABAG currently employs around 76,000 personnel and accrues about $18 billion in revenue. 


9. Kiewit Corporation

Kiewit Corporation is a private employee-owned construction company headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. Founded in 1884 by two brothers of Dutch descent, Kiewit corporation’s progress spiked during the great depression in America, Peter Kiewit Sons’ Co as it was called then, took on transportation projects and other projects, making it one of the few construction companies still afloat during the great depression. 

Notable projects by Kiewit corporation include the construction of the livestock exchange building in Omaha, Nebraska, the construction of the Thule air force base in Thule Greenland, this airbase features a magnificent 10,000-foot runway. Kiewit Corporation, as one of the largest construction companies in the US, has over 28,000 employees and over $20 billion in revenue.


10. Turner Construction

Turner Construction, even though a subsidiary of Hochtief, remains one of the biggest construction companies in the world and the biggest independent contractor in the United States. Turner Construction was founded in 1902 by Henry Chandlee Turner and it quickly grew to become a leader in construction. Its first project was the construction of a concrete vault in Brooklyn for Thrift bank. 

Turner construction, together with three other contractors, constructed the United Nations secretariat building in New York in 1952. Other notable projects by Turner construction include The Lincoln center for the performing arts in Manhattan, the famous Madison square garden, the famous Yankees stadium home to the MLB Yankees. As of 2020, Turner construction reports over 10,000 employees and an ever-increasing value of $14 billion.


11. Hochtief Aktiengesellschaft

Hochtief is a construction company based in Essen, North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany. Hochtief is Germany’s largest construction company, and arguably the largest in the US due to its subsidiary Turner construction and its 72.683% shareholding in CIMIC Group. Hochtief’s history dates back to 1874 and has had a sturdy international influence. A notable project is the construction of the first Nuclear power plant in Germany. 

Hochtief has been admonished for its involvement in World War II. iT reportedly deployed forced labor on construction projects and built the infamous Führerbunker in Berlin, the scene of Hitler’s suicide. Notable recent projects include the King Abdulaziz International Airport, Saudi Arabia, and the construction of the Bosphorus Bridge in Turkey. Hochtief boasts of over 54,000 employees and a net income of €420 million.



Construction companies are involved in almost every area of human society, be it power, mining, manufacturing, medicine, and so on. These companies are the backbone of human advancement and will still most likely remain so. The labor force of most advanced countries goes into construction. In 2021, construction was voted as the easiest industry to find employment. The best construction companies go above and beyond to deliver quality and innovation.