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Our Brand Story
Engineering graduate, family man and founder Alaa started off as an employee of another construction company upon graduation and his return to Nigeria from abroad. As a hardworking yet dissatisfied, Underpaid employee with family responsibilities and whose cultural values did not auger well with those of his employer, he chose the bigger picture and decided that the best way forward was to set up his own practice. Alaa’s bold vision and ambitious nature led him to create SANA.
How it all started
SANA is named after Alaa’s wife, Sana. He chose the name primarily because it is a short, beautiful and catchy name that people are bound to remember with a lot of ease. More importantly, it reminds him why he chose this path; whenever he walks into his office, the first thing that comes to his mind is that he is doing this for family. When SANA started operation, its first client was a colleague of Alaa’s in the other company. The client would not take no for an answer, and Alaa had no choice but to help his first customer meet his goals. It has been many years since, and SANA has grown by leaps and bounds.
Our Commitment To Safety
At SANA, we understand that safety in construction is paramount. We value and believe that the people who execute your vision on our behalf, the employees, are our greatest asset. Their Wellbeing and safety at your worksite are the responsibility of SANA, and we treat it with the importance it deserves. Our standard operating procedure for the prevention of occupational injuries is of utmost consequence and importance that we often give it first priority over everything else, including productivity, where applicable.
Our team our priority
SANA’s main goal today and going forward is to curtail site injuries, and avoid work-related risks through constant safety management and adherence to health guidelines. We believe that through this goal, SANA will be become a viable and competitive construction company across borders, not just in Nigeria. Our management team always procures the required resources to meet the company’s health and safety goals. SANA holds to account its site supervisors, managers and employees responsible for enforcing company regulations.
Safety is non negotiable
We ensure that, while we are serving your needs, the management at SANA makes provisions for physical and mechanical facilities that our employees need to guarantee their safety. We have been successful at preventing occupational injuries because our safety program exemplifies the right attitude towards the prevention of injuries on site. The cooperation between SANA employees and management has been instrumental in ensuring safe working conditions to minimize the occurrence of accidents.

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Management’s Responsibility Towards Enforcing Safety in Construction

Our management’s role in guaranteeing safety in construction encompasses the following duties and responsibilities.


Emphasis on the individual worker’s commitment to safety in construction, our expectations of their responsibilities together with enforcement of SANA’s safety plans is the charge of management. Our organizational belief is that safety isn’t reduce to just regulations and rules, but must also encompass commitment and attitudes.

Our project team often engages the expertise of safety contractors and employee generate reports on safety issues, and work with their suggestions to embrace construction safety best practices. We undertake regular toolbox discussions as well as safety training because we want to encourage safety-oriented mindset at al times.


Being active members of the Nigerian community and the world at large, we understand that safety isn’t restricted to our employees and
sub-contractors. It’s our obligation to ensure that the projects we undertake have minimal to no impact on the surrounding communities.

We have health and safety protocols that require our projects to ensure their sites are clean all the time. This not only lowers the chances of trips, falls or slips, but also keep debris and trash out of the site, thereby protecting the environment.




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