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Over 14 years of experience in the industry have taught us that there are limitless possibilities to what can be done with interior and outdoor spaces.

Whether it is office space, residential interiors, coworking space, SANA teams are constantly raising the bar with interior decoration and renovations.

Businesses and Private clients seek us out for various interior decoration projects, from simple touch-ups and renovations to room and floor additions.

So, why are we the favoured choice?


Whether it is your offices or a residential house, you want your space to leave a great first impression. SANA seeks to transform your space into a dream come true.

Whether you need it modern, edgy, or corporate, our creative teams will strive to bring it to life. We work within the boundaries of your corporate brand to appeal to your visitors while thinking out of the box to create a fresh look for your business.

Our experienced and creative designers will develop a customized design package to reflect your tastes and requirements even better.

Your space shouldn’t be like any other out there. Even with the same items like desks, shelving, signage, or rails, you deserve to have a place that is unique to you. That is why our creative, skilled team keeps you hands-on in the entire process.

With our Renovation and Decoration team, among others, you enjoy services like:

Interior Desings

Material Selection

Furniture Designs

Space Planning

Fittings Selections


Renovations of your working or private spaces must start with proper design and planning and fit into the general building structure and setting. Since renovations involve working with what is already in place, you need experts who can evaluate the space and give you reliable, customized advice.

Our Design teams are happy to sit down with you, assess your needs and discuss ideas and possibilities. They will then derive an appropriate budget based on the scope of work and materials needed.

SANA design and renovation departments follow specific proven steps all through such projects to ensure our clients have the complete picture of what the work entails. So, you can trust us not to ambush you with extra unplanned costs along the way.

From our Design and Renovations Team, you have access to several services like developing quotes, Furniture and Finishing designs, and overseeing quality control during the work.


SANA has completed countless interior design projects and renovations for clients in different lines of business. Some of our successful projects to date:

Dufil construction client logo

Dufil Prima Foods PLC office space.

kellogs construction client logo

Kellogs- Tolaram Offices interior design project.

SANA brings meticulous structures and processes to your projects to help maintain organization and ease project management from start to finish. These processes draw from our extensive experience in Renovations and Interior designs.

As with every design and Renovation project, you can expect some bumps and challenges along the way. SANA’s experts, however, always remain on hand to make this as painless for our clients as possible, offering quick solutions and consultations when needed.

So, if you need to transform your indoor or outdoor space, reach out to our Design team and let us help you do it effortlessly!




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